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Our Sister Organization: The O'Connell House

A Safe Home Where Victims of Sex Trafficking Become Survivors

A Place Where Dignity Is Restored and Healing Can Occur

The O’Connell House is a 13-room residence which provides comprehensive services to women who have been sex trafficked. These women may be pregnant and/or have a small child. It is a place where dignity will be restored and healing can occur.

The unique 24/7 “Sister Care Model” delivers trauma-informed care which supports their complex needs with compassion, while being the loving nurturing presence the women so desperately need.


  • Human trafficking affects 50 million people worldwide!

  • Profits generated by human trafficking exceed $150 billion a year.

  • 72% of the women and girls being sex trafficked are of an average age of 11-13 years old.

  • Trafficked women and girls can be violated 15 to 24 times per day and are forced to meet a quota or face more severe beatings.

  • Traffickers prey on people of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities, exploiting them for their own profit.

  • Short-term, 30-day shelters, and shelters with inadequate resources have a 7x higher recidivism rate.

  • The US ranks as one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking, with an estimated 300,000+ incidents occurring annually.

How Did GSO + TOH Become connected?

As GSO's healthcare system identification model identifies more victims, the need for safe havens for survivors rises correspondingly. To address this, Deb O'Hara Rusckowski, GSO's founder, established The O'Connell House, a safe home for single women and mothers. This ensures that when victims are identified in healthcare settings, there is a welcoming place for them to reintegrate into society. The O'Connell House, with 13 beds and amenities such as a private chapel,counseling services, and a full industrial-sized kitchen, provides a nurturing environment where every woman is accepted,loved, and supported on their healing journey.

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