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Meet Our Founder

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Deb O’Hara Rusckowski is critical care nurse by training, earning her BSN from Northeastern University in 1982, then returned to NU to earn her MBA in 1994. She later attended Boston College for a Master’s in Theology Studies, MTS, degree in 2013. She has worked in both the private, public and non-profit sectors.


In 2013, she moved to NYC where she began working for C-STIP, Committee to Stop Trafficking in Persons, at the United Nations. After three years, she was invited to join the Order of Malta Mission to the UN covering the third committee, which includes human trafficking and refugee crisis. In 2018, after hosting a large meeting at the UN with multiple stakeholders, she founded Global Strategic Operatives, GSO, to focus human trafficking training


Deb O’Hara Rusckowski


The Mission of Global Strategic Operatives, GSO, is to create a future of healthcare where human trafficking is unimaginable.  Our goal is to train healthcare providers worldwide---throughout their healthcare system (Emergency Dept., Med-Surg, OBGyn, L&D, Psych/Mental Health, Social Work and all ancillary departments, i.e. Security, Registration Depts, Etc.)

The Vision

The vision of GSO is to have a world where any victim entering any part of a healthcare system (Hospital ED, Out-Patient Clinic, ancillary clinical departments) will be clearly identified by educated providers, treated respectfully, and offered alternative safe housing with therapeutic services to aid in their healing, restoring their dignity as they journey to becoming survivors and independent living.

efforts to healthcare systems and providers worldwide—a decision based on studies (Lederer, Whetzel & Miller) that 88-92% of all survivors sought out medical care while being trafficked…68% of those went to Emergency Departments. In 2022, Deb was appointed Special Advisor to the Ambassador on Human Trafficking at the Malta Mission to the UN, where she currently serves in this capacity. 

The Training

- Survivor-led training**
​- Provides overview of human trafficking
- Red flags
- Screening questions

- Includes essential-to-know statistics
- Answers who, what, where, why, & how
- Medical & non-medical personnel
- Q&A
- 1-1.5hrs


HT 101

HT 102A
    - Physical Clinical            
    - Only for healthcare

HT 102B
    - Trauma Informed Care

     - ACE-- Adverse Childhood       Experiences


HT 102

To learn more about the development of our trainings...

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