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New Partnerships and Solutions to Ending Human Trafficking

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Global Strategic Operatives, GSO, was founded in 2018 under the umbrella of the Order of Malta Mission to the UN. It was decided to focus on training healthcare providers based in studies showing 88% of survivors state they sought out medical care while being trafficked. Therefore, healthcare workers are on the frontline—if not trained, they miss the opportunity to possibly offering a victim a way out of “the life” of trafficking. GSO helps them learn the red flags to help identify and the screening questions to ascertain resources needed and appropriate actions to take.

A UN Pilot Study, which trained and helped create policies for 5 major US and international health systems, will synthesize and propose one common ‘universal’ human trafficking policy for healthcare providers to the World Health Organization this year 2021/2022. Such a policy does not exist today.

GSO counts in its success the training of over 400,000 healthcare providers and ancillary staff. We realize the more the healthcare systems identify victims, the greater the need for accurate placement for healing to help them on their journey to becoming survivors. GSO has a strong relationship with law enforcement and Homeland Security to assist in placement of victims.

We also will be partnering with Catholic, pro-life woman's health care facilities to care for the trafficked women and girls, and will assist in the training & placement of orthodox Catholic Sisters to provide a loving, nurturing presence for the victims' rehabilitation. All staff will be trained by GSO on Trauma Informed Care, with a Victim-centered approach. Through all this, we will be working with the Order of Malta to help them establish their new Human Trafficking Program.

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