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The Faces of Human Trafficking: Jasmine Grace's Story of Survival

Jasmine's Story

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Jasmine's Role at GSO

Jasmine Grace, a resilient human trafficking survivor, uses her powerful voice and lived experience to educate healthcare professionals through Global Strategic Operatives. By sharing her harrowing journey and insights, she introduces our training programs. These "survivor-led trainings" are designed to equip nurses and physicians with an empathetic understanding of the unique challenges faced by trafficking survivors. Her firsthand knowledge and unwavering advocacy provide invaluable input, shaping protocols that prioritize trauma-informed care and empower survivors on their path to healing. Jasmine Grace's unwavering commitment to helping others transforms her personal tragedy into a beacon of hope for those still trapped in the shadows.

Jasmine has spoken on panels at the U.S Commission on Civil Rights in New Hampshire and at two side panels for members of the United Nations in New York. In addition, Jasmine consults with healthcare professionals, law enforcement personnel, educators and nonprofit organizations.

How is Jasmine using her story to help make a difference in the lives of other women?

Jasmine Grace currently holds the position of founder and director at Jasmine Grace Outreach, an organization dedicated to empowering women to overcome exploitation and embrace freedom. Through a committed team, the organization focuses on liberating women from the grip of human trafficking and supporting them throughout their healing process. Their initiatives include speaking engagements, offering 8-10 week recovery support groups, and providing mentorship to assist women in their reintegration into society. Furthermore, the "Bags of Hope" program aims to offer practical assistance to vulnerable women, with over 4,000 bags distributed and more than 300 books donated. Jasmine Grace's efforts are instrumental in instilling hope and empowerment in the lives of women in need.

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