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Triumphs at GSO: Opening TOH, Welcoming New Lives, & Celebrating the Impact of Nurses

At a glance…

  • The O’Connell House opened in January 2024

  • Baby Suzie: the first baby born was born and joyfully welcomed into The O’Connell House on April 27, 2024

  • Deb Rusckowski spoke at the UN for International Nurses Week

We are proud to announce that The O’Connell House officially opened in January, 2024 and is housing its first members. The home’s mission is to serve women who have been sex trafficked with the capability to accept those who may be pregnant and/or have a small child. It has been renovated to accept women who have been sex trafficked and may be pregnant or with a small child. The building itself is a former rectory and has 15 very large bedrooms—enough to fit an extra crib or twin bed in addition to the double bed. There are 4 rooms utilized by Sisters, thus leaving 11 rooms for residents. The house has an industrial size kitchen and laundry, as well as office space, meeting rooms, large dining area, an exercise area, clinical room with clinician office area, and a beautiful Chapel for prayer and meditation.

The O’Connell House partners with local crisis pregnancy centers, as well as the local healthcare system, for primary care, emergency care, OBGyn care and mental health services. As the house continues to grow, GSO, Homeland Security, the FBI and Healthcare Systems will work together to fill the house with those residents most in need. The O’Connell House provides a place of safety, community, and healing for those rescued from human trafficking. Thus, Global Strategic Operatives will continue to closely partner with The O’Connell House and work to save more innocent lives.

Exciting news! Baby Susie came into the world on April 27th and is the first baby born at The O’Connell House. Miracles like this will continue to happen for women who are survivors of human trafficking because of our ongoing efforts at GSO. GSO’s work within clinics and hospitals has led to more human trafficking victims being identified, saved, and placed in safe homes— one of these being The O’Connell House. Thanks to our incredible team of nurses and physicians who are furthering our effort on the front lines. Read more about baby Suzie here.

Additionally, Deb Rusckowski, founder of GSO, spoke at the International Nurses event hosted by Nurses With Global Impact at the United Nations. This event commemorated the birthday of Florence Nightingale and honored the work of all hardworking nurses within the healthcare field. As a critical care nurse herself, Deb understands nurses’ commitment to their profession and daily sacrifice; thus, recognizing their importance she states, “changing lives, shaping the future tomorrow, making a difference… sounds like a pretty impactful profession, with much to be proud.” Deb also invited the crowed to “reflect on the meaningful and lasting impacts nurses have within our health care system”, and announced the theme of national nurses month: “Nurses Make the Difference.” Thanks to all who made the 2024 International Nurses event a success; lives are being transformed through this profession.

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